At ISG we understand that your retirement goals are critical, and the factors that need consideration include: Are you paying too much tax? Real estate - we all need a home to live in; and Retirement savings - are you saving enough cash to give yourself FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE?

Offshore investing is a very sound solution as long as you play by your local rules and report your offshore investments to the tax authorities. There are ways to use proper tax planning to your advantage. ISG specializes in setting up and structuring offshore investments, with proper reporting of offshore accounts for your long-term benefit.It is estimated that 90% of the world's working population will not be able to retire on an adequate pension. A recent survey suggests that many people will retire on less than a quarter of their final earnings.

Governments are now less able to support retirement benefits, so the obligation has been transferred to individuals to provide themselves with a comfortable retirement income.

For many people this is not an option before the age of 60-62, particularly if their only source of income comes from an employer's pension scheme.

Many of us change employers several times in our career. This can hamper and complicate the benefits that are payable in the future. The self-employed also need to make proper provisions for their retirement.

Many people who live and work overseas may not benefit from an employer's pension scheme, and are left to plan for themselves. However, too many of these people put this off.

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