With the onset of intensified government snooping, asset seizure, and problems with the economy such as the sub prime crash and the Euro crisis, this is the time to protect your assets and family by diversifying your assets offshore.

Offshore investing is a very sound solution as long as you play by your local rules and report your offshore investments to the tax authorities. There are ways to use proper tax planning to your advantage. ISG specializes in setting up and structuring offshore investments, with proper reporting of offshore accounts for your long-term benefit.

Offshore providers are global 500 companies that allow monthly investments for low minimums with a debit card or credit card at no cost, and provide access to major fund groups like HSBC and JP Morgan, among other large banks.

They provide bonus allocations to make sure your investment is growing at an efficient rate: from 5% extra per month up to 6 free monthly premiums to start your plan.

Unlike an IRA or most other government retirement plans, offshore providersallow penalty free withdrawals in the mid-to-long term, so you can access your cash when needed without paying fees.

Create your own retirement plan, diversified into international funds, that you control. In these difficult times you can't depend on your employer or government to protect your future, as we have seen in Europe and Detroit. The only plan you can trust is your OWN private retirement plan.