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International Solution Group is happy to offer lucrative property investment opportunities in Japan, mainland US and Hawaii for investors from all walks of life. Sensible investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Our property managers will source viable real estate opportunities for you. For example, you can buy a condominium tower with up to 100% loan-to-value funding that in some cases can include an additional 7-8% to cover all closing costs.

The current interest rate range is 2-4.5% p.a., and you can usually borrow 10 to 20 times your annual salary. Thirty times your annual salary is even possible for high net worth individuals. All closing costs and fees are built into the loan amount and will be paid back during the term of the loan. The rental income from your building will cover your loan repayments, all taxes and all property management fees. Plus, it will provide an extra 5-8% positive return per year.

Moreover, our property managers will strive to maintain full occupancy so that your investment continues to generate positive cash flow. Visit one of our real estate websites for more information.

Japanese Real Estate, CASH FLOW IS KING: Important Points to Consider

  • Area - The location of a property could generate a high demand for renters.
  • Accessibility - Easy access to a city (including factories) where people work and/or their children go to school is key. However, the location must not be too near a large city, since costs and prices (property, taxes, rent, etc.) are relatively high, thus resulting in lower cash flow.
  • High land to building ratio - The land provides at least 80% of the property's value, so a decent-sized lot can counter the drop in value resulting from depreciation of the building. Wooden structures can be a smart choice here because you can depreciate them the fastest to save on taxes. Moreover, in the unlikely event of an earthquake that destroys your property, the lower the value of your building, the less the bank can ask you to repay after it sells off your land.
  • Low costs - a building in good condition will entail lower costs.
  • High cash flow - A property must yield at least 1% - 1.5% in net cash flow to pay for future operational costs. LOW COSTS and HIGH CASH FLOW are a WIN-WIN!
  • Rents - Rents determine your cash flow and must be set at market rates. Care must be taken to ensure that the agent does not overinflate the projected rents.
  • Property Manager - the PM manages the building after the agent sells you the property. Some agents have in-house PM divisions, but in most cases it's best to get third-party PM advice because the agent's main objective is to close the deal and earn the commission. BEWARE!

Property Resources: